Healing Palms Introducing Sound Therapy Workshops

It all started in 2000. I had just started massage school and my teacher was a Reiki master, which meant that we spent a solid amount of time learning about chakra balancing. She inquired if I was open to energy work, and having no experience with it, I replied with a simple, "Sure!" While she had me on the table, she ended up opening up my throat chakra. Never did or could I have imagined how life-changing that would be for me. Over the last 21 years, every wrong turn taught me a lesson and every right turn has brought me closer to my purpose. I know without a doubt that my calling is to guide people to understanding the power within themselves so that they may heal themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically while helping them understand the energy that is within them.

Fast forward to 2021, and you will see that I have combined my education and experience to produce a Sound Therapy workshop so that I may continue to help others experience the full extent of the energy that they have within themselves. 

This workshop will include:

  • Chakra balancing and sound therapy
  • Exploration of one chakra per week
  • Explanation of chakras, dysfunction, and balance
  • 30-minute meditation per workshop
  • Chakra-balancing roller bottles
  • Weekly chakra worksheet

To learn more about chakra balancing, you can view our chakra videos or our blog, Chakras for Beginners. 

What is Sound Therapy? 

Previously, everyone believed that any bodily distress was directly related to a physical disease, ailment, or other internal issues. However, more recently, it is widely understood that stress can have some major effects on your physical health and is often one of the leading causes of dysfunction in our bodies. This stress could be caused by a variety of things including working on a computer for 8-10 hours a day, physical trauma, emotional trauma, sitting in traffic, a lack of sleep, and so much more. There are hundreds of ways that stress will find its way into your life, but your stressors don't have to have the last word. 

Sound therapy works closely with your energy, which is all around us, and helps encourage relaxation, balance various systems, and increase energy. It also helps to calm the over-activity in our bodies but can also open an underactive energy point. Interestingly, sound vibrational therapy and chakras are intimately intertwined and can work together to create balance within your system. 

There are various types of sound therapy, but they all serve the same purpose of releasing emotional stressors and bringing peace to the recipient of the therapy. Water is a great conductor of sound and since the body consists of approximately 75% water, the sound vibrations work their way through your body. This can assist with circulation, energy flow, and overall rejuvenation. 

Learn More 

This practice is fascinating, and I would love to have the opportunity to teach you more about sound therapy through our Healing Palms workshops. I'm passionate about wellness and I truly believe this could be the next step in your health journey. 

Chakras for Beginners


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Monday, 17 June 2024

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